Techniques for painting paints for houses

There are other techniques that combine two or more colors on the same wall, such as the
ombré wall. The result is a gradient composition, super modern, sophisticated and bold.
Therefore, consider this trend when painting the house.
The ombré wall technique appears very subtly on the wall.
Geometric painting
The geometric painting technique is a decoration trend that combines with modern houses. It
can be put into practice in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or any other environment,
valuing shapes such as triangles and circles.
Wall with geometric painting. Geometric painting with light colors.
Geometric painting with circles.
Appreciation of style
The color chosen must be able to enhance the style of the architecture. The neutral and light
tones, for example, combine perfectly with a modern construction. These soft colors can be
explored not only through painting, but also through bedding with stones, as is the case with
In the case of a property with a rustic style, as is the case of the country house, it is worth
working with earthy colors on the facade. Painting house winchester

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