Another ink worthy of appearing in the team of the best in the market is Suvinil Semper Nova.

Paints for houses ALWAYS NEW SUVINIL However, it is worth mentioning that it is a product produced especially for painting outdoor
Its differential is that it avoids around 90% of dirt, that is, it repels dirt, which prevents it from
sticking to surfaces.
The benefits of this technology are:
Guaranteed high color durability;
More showy and beautiful facades;
External walls cleaned and protected for much longer.
And since we talk about Suvinil, it’s worth checking out other tips about the brand’s products
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In conclusion, in today’s post we saw that washable paint is a strong ally to keep your home or
property always spotless.
We also saw that there are several options, both for the environment of the internal and
external walls.
Finally, we highlight that the Coral and Suvinil brands are among the best solutions in the paint
Now that you’ve discovered all of this, share it with your friends and spread great quality
information. To the next Infinity Pro tips for interior wall painting colors

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