Sliding X Mechanical Power Curve

In a typical induction electric motor, the maximum torque on the curve will be 200 to 250% of the nominal torque (full load) of the machine, and the zero speed starting torque will be 150% or a similar value of full torque charge. The motor stopped with 100% slip begins to take charge when the sliding begins to decrease as the rotor speed starts to increase. This motor needs a starting torque equal to or greater than the load, otherwise it will not start, and as the load increases the engine develops a torque to withstand the required power.

The high electrical torque and mechanical power occur at different operating points, otherwise the engine would start to brake. The slip where the maximum torque occurs is directly proportional to the equivalent resistance of the rotor, but the maximum torque is independent of that resistance 112-3-100 hose reels . By inserting a resistance into the rotor circuit, the equivalent rotor resistance can be achieved by increasing the maximum torque and it will be available to start with heavy loads and reducing it so that maximum torque occurs close to the synchronous speed in normal operation.

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