Permanent capacitor motor with two capacitors

In the permanent capacitor motor the auxiliary winding and the capacitor are permanently energized, being the electrostatic type capacitor. The effect of this capacitor creates conditions of flow very similar to those found in multi-phase motors, thereby raising the maximum torque, efficiency and power factor, and significantly reducing noise.

Constructively they are smaller and maintenance-free because they do not employ contacts and moving parts, as in previous engines, however, their starting torque is usually lower than that of the split-phase motor (50% to 100% of the rated torque). it limits its application to equipment Dixon at mrosupply that does not require high starting torque, such as: office machines, fans, blowers, blowers, centrifugal pumps, grinders, small saws, drills, air conditioners, sprayers, etc. They are usually manufactured for power from 1/50 to 1.5 hp

Since the two-capacitor motor is an electric motor that starts as the capacitor motor starting and running on a steady state as the capacitor motor, however, due to its high cost, they are usually manufactured in powers higher than 1 hp.

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