The best Italian restaurants in Rome

La Pergola
With three stars in the Michelin Guide, the restaurant is IMPECCABLE, elegant, with a classic
decoration and full of charm, the atmosphere created with this irreproachable combination is
beautiful and the wine list impresses! The La Pergola cellar has more than 60,000 bottles of
wine from all over the world, in addition to the 45 water options on the menu, it also features
the tasting and a la carte menu option. The restaurant is part of the Hilton group, which is a
benchmark for excellence and world quality and leaves nothing to be desired! Important: there
is a dress code (suit for men) and reservation is required. Where is it: Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101 –
Ristorante Aroma Bistrot
In addition to being one of the best, it is also considered the most beautiful in the city, because
the view from the hall is of the Coliseum. Located on the top floor of the Palazzo Manfredi, the
restaurant has a classic atmosphere and is well decorated. As it is a Bistrot, the menu varies
constantly and the service is exceptional. Important: reservation is required. It is also possible
to have breakfast, have lunch or simply have an aperitif at the on-site bar. Worth the
experience! Important: reservation required! Where is it: Via Labicana, 125 – Roma. American Pasta restaurants in roswell ga

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