Find out how to carry out all the steps of painting the house without forgetting any details!

To ensure a lasting and quality result, the ideal is to invest in brands that are
recognized in the market and use a greater amount of pigments in
the manufacture of paints . This care ensures good surface coverage even
with fewer coats.
Ah! And never dilute the material—if it’s not recommended on the package—so
it yields more. This alters composition and compromises performance.
The ” ink calculator ” is a reliable feature, found on manufacturers’ websites,
that allows you to check the volume needed and avoid waste .
Painting service exterior
Either way, you
can check the amount by calculating the area to be painted .
Just multiply the width by the height of the surface, discounting the area of the
doors and windows. Remember that, on average, two coats are applied, a third
may be necessary. So, you must multiply the found value by 2 or 3.
Once the calculation is complete, check the yield of the material in the can or
in the gallon . It may vary by brand and specification.
In addition to these precautions when buying paint , remember that it is
necessary to have adequate tools for application and cleaning, use protections
and carry out possible repairs on the walls.

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